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House Rules

  • HAVE FUN! We hope that you enjoy our slice of heaven as much as we do. Please keep in mind this is our family investment. We feel called to share it with others, but we take pride in everything here. In order to keep it looking the way you found it, here are the house rules. If the house is not left in the same condition, your security deposit may not be returned and you will not be allowed to rent from us again (but please don’t do that because WE want YOU to always WANT TO COME BACK to Hydrangea!)
  • NO SHOES permitted throughout the house. We have completely remodeled and work hard to keep the house clean.
  • Please SHUT OFF LIGHTS & TV when you leave.
  • YOU ARE ON THE LAKE, SPIDERS LOVE LAKE LIFE TOO. We do spray for spiders to prevent them from coming in but occasionally they want to visit.
  • NO WET TOWELS on the floor or furniture (enjoy the beach but keep the beach outside). At check out, please put all dirty towels in the shower.
  • Any damage made to the property or contents of the property (furniture stained or ripped, household items stolen, etc.) will result in the security deposit being taken.
  • ALL DISHES WASHED. (We will sanitize all items before new guests but we wont do your dishes)
  • ALL GARBAGE must be PUT IN the TRASH and taken outside to the can. No garbage may be left throughout the house. All food must be emptied from the fridge and freezer.
  • ALL BEDS should be stripped and linens piled on top.
  • Please be RESPECTFUL of our neighbors. Parking is shared for guests in the Leaf unit. Please do not block the driveway or disrupt their stay. Please always remember this is not a Hotel, this is a peaceful, quiet neighborhood. Keeping the noise level down at night will allow us to continue to have guests. Absolutely no fires are permitted outside the buildings

While enjoying your stay at either the Stem or Leaf unit, there is an agreement that needs to be signed as well house rules that need to be followed.

Click here to view the agreement.